Students may pre-register online or just drop-in to any class, both are welcome!

In the event of a class cancellation or change of instructor due to weather or other circumstances, updates will be posted to the schedule 1 hour before class. 

Pre-registration cancellations are accepted up to 12 hours before class starts. The pre-registration payment is NOT REFUNDABLE for any no-shows or cancellations made within the 12 hour period before the class starts.






60 Minute Single $15
75 & 90 Minute Single $17
Student Single $12
New Student 3-Class Card*, ** $40/ $13.33 PER CLASS 30 Days In-Studio Only
5 Class Card** $70/$14 PER CLASS 60 Days
10 Class Card** $130 / $13 PER CLASS 90 Days
Unlimited Monthly Yoga $165 30 Days
3 Month Unlimited Yoga*** $125/Month (Requires a 3 Month Commitment) In-Studio Only
At Radiance Yoga, we offer a variety of pricing options to best serve your needs.

Have a question about what might be the best pricing option for you and your schedule? Email us at and we will be happy to help you find the best option for you.

*Available at the Front Desk on First Visit.
**Class Cards are not shareable or transferable.  Class Card’s periods for use are only extended in the event of an injury or health circumstances which prohibit the practice.

***The 3-Month Unlimited Pass is billed in three easy installments of $125/mo., with the first installment due at the time of purchase and the remaining two billed on a monthly basis. Please note that your 3 Month Unlimited Pass continues to auto-renew on a monthly basis at the special rate of $125/mo after the initial 3 Month period. You may cancel the auto-renew at anytime after the completion of your initial 3 month commitment by emailing your request to end your unlimited access to

Thank You


Beginner Flow

Beginner/Intermediate | 60 min

Learn to link your breath to simple Yoga poses through the direction of breath exercises and physical alignment cues that progress into a slow Yoga flow (Vinyasa).

All Levels Flow

Good for Everyone | 75 min

Experience a heavenly blend of invigorating flow (Vinyasa) and relaxation designed to serve beginner to advanced practitioners.

Self-Massage & Relaxation

Good for Everyone | 75 min

Unwind into deep relaxation with a blissful blend of MELT Method Self Massage techniques, stretches and supine yoga poses supported by props. Yum!

Intermediate Flow

Intermediate | 60, 75 or 90 min

Flow through progressive sequences of deep breaths and invigorating poses that balance strength and flexibility. Calming movement designed to generate deep relaxation follows to complete your Yoga experience.

Hot Yoga

Intermediate/Advanced | 60, 75 or 90 min

Strengthen & stretch your body in a series of Hatha Yoga poses in a 95 degree room.

Rockin’ Vinyasa

Intermediate/Advanced | 75 min

Vigorous yoga to upbeat rock and hip hop music with a flair for inversions and arm balancing.